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Zuvvii: A New Way To Share Your Gaming Clips


What if there was a social platform purely dedicated for gaming?

Zuvvii aims to do just that by providing gamers with the ultimate platform to share gaming clips in seconds!
You can create your own account and start sharing your favorite gaming clips to players interested in the games you play. Not only will you have all your epic moments saved in one place but you will attract and grow a passionate audience interested to see what you post next.

This is a great social media platform for any gamer, esports team, or content creator. It has been in development for 2 years and has just launched on iOS & Android with plans for a Desktop version in the works. This is an ideal chance for everyone to join the platform now so you can be one of the early users and be part of its journey.

The platform comes with exciting features such as the ability to search for clips by Game, Trend, or Friend. You can also follow your favorite creators on Zuvvii and see their videos on your feed. Furthermore, there are exciting features that will be added in the near future so don’t miss out on this industry-disrupting social media platform.

Finally, you can now download Zuvvii on the App Store or Google Play Store. Become a creator on the social media of tomorrow and join gamers from all over the world to be part of a new social gaming experience. You can learn more about Zuvvii by watching the video. 

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